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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a food science major, may I still apply?

Yes, we strongly encourage non-food science majors to apply!

I am a senior and will be graduating before summer, may I still apply?

We are only accepting applications from sophomores and juniors at this time.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply?

We do not have a specific GPA cutoff, but we do prefer to see applicants with a 3.0 (out of 4) GPA or above. Admission decisions are made based on the contents of the entire application.

I am not a US citizen, may I still apply?

We are currently accepting applications from international students who are currently studying full time at a US institution, and hold a valid F1 or J1 visa both at the time of application and during the program dates, June 1 - August 7, 2020.

Are TOEFL scores required for international applicants?

No, we do not require TOEFL scores although a basic proficiency of English is essential.

How are admission decisions determined?

All applications will be reviewed by an Admission Committee and decisions will be based on the entire application including grades, letters of recommendation, leadership qualities, and prior experiences (although prior research experience is NOT required). Successful applicants will be assigned, by the same committee, to a lab. Lab assignments will be determined by interests.

Do I need to bring my computer?

No, the lab you work in will most likely have a computer that you will be able to use (you should check with your faculty mentor to make sure). You may bring a laptop with you; however, it is not necessary.

Do I need my car?

Public transportation is available via the TCAT around Ithaca, and most Scholars do not need cars while in Ithaca.

Should I contact my faculty mentor before I arrive?

Yes, you will be given your faculty mentor's contact information in your admission decision letter, if you are selected to participate.

How will I be paid?

Accepted applicants will receive specific stipend information before the beginning of the program.