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Joao Paulo Almeida Lima

University: Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro
Major: Food Engineering
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Carmen Moraru
Project: Quantification of bacterial spore removal from milk using cold microfiltration

Andrea Beldie

University: Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Major: Food Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carmen Moraru
Project: Rheological properties of heat treated pea protein concentrates

Elle Friedberg

University: Wellesley College
Major: Chemistry & Studio Art
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gavin Sacks
Project: Effect of elemental sulfur and yeast strain on hydrogen sulfide production in wine post-bottling

Ioan Gitsov

University: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major: Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carmen Moraru
Project: Effect of pore size on flux and composition of skim milk submitted to cold microfiltration

Marriah Green

University: University of California, San Diego
Major: Biochemistry/Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elad Tako
Project: Assessing the effects of plant prebiotics on the small intestinal brush border membrane functionality and bacteria populations

Molly Higgins

University: University of Missouri
Major: Food Science and Nutrition
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Wiedmann
Project: The germination of sporeforming bacteria in milk

Kathryn Magee

University: Rochester Institute of Technology
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Wiedmann
Project: Investigation of bacteriophage resistance in Listeria monocytogenes

Janeth Perez Garza

University: Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Major: Chemistry Bacteriology Parasitology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Randy Worobo
Project: Heterologous expression of the Bacillus thuringiensis SF361 protein, YvgO

Meaghan Sugrue

University: Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour
Project: Optimizing tannin content, sweetness and carbonation of cider made from dessert apples for consumer acceptability

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