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Hannah Acheson-Field

University: Brown University
Major: Computational Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raymond Glahn and Dr. Elad Tako
Project: The Isotopic Equilibrium of Intrinsic and Extrinsically Labeled Iron in Bean, Lentil, and Maize Varieties 

Helen Bunker

University: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Syed Rizvi
Project: Comparative strategies of reduction of pectin methyl esterase in orange juice using supercritical carbon dioxide treatments  

Ellen Hallberg

University: Indiana University Bloomington
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anna Katharine Mansfield
Project: Characterization and retention of natural and commercial tannin mixtures in aromatic white wines

Paola M. Illas-Ortiz

University: University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus
Major: Industrial Microbiology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Wiedmann
Project: Prevalence, Persistence, and Diversity of Listeria in Spinach Fields from Planting to Harvest 

Sarah Kozak

University: Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Martin Wiedmann and Nicole Martin
Project: Characterization of organisms isolates from fluid milk and cultured dairy products

Rafael Y Nieves-Beltrán

University: Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon campus
Major: Industrial Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour
Project: Effect of bottle type and product temperature on the lethality values achieved by hot-filling a model beverage using an apple/carrot juice blend

Karine Paradis

University: McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Major: Food Science and Nutritional Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carmen I. Moraru
Project: Reduction of Listeria innocua on the surface of processed cheese after exposure to Pulsed Light Treatment

Larissa Pereira Gonçalves

University: Universidade de Brasília - Brazil
Major: Nutrition
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raymond Glahn and Dr. Elad Tako
Project: Intra-amniotic administration of prebiotics affects the iron status and intestinal microbiota of iron-deficient broiler (Gallus gallus) hatchling

Sara Spoede

University: University of Missouri-Columbia
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Olga Padilla-Zakour
Project: Effect of Temperature and Ingredient Ratio on Hummus Viscosity

Jerry Thomas Jr.

University: Alabama A&M University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gavin L. Sacks and Patricia A. Howe
Project: Improved Ways to Rapidly Measure Free SO2 in Wines

Jenny (Jingxin) Tian

University: McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rui Hai Liu
Project: Ursolic Acid Exhibited Anticancer Activity through Regulating the p38/MAPK Signaling Transduction Pathway

Kenneth G. Vogel

University: The Pennsylvania State University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Randy Worobo
Project: Determining critical parameters for tempeh production to control the growth of foodborne pathogens

Mary Xia

University: University of Pennsylvania
Major: Biology, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Robin Dando
Project: Effects of Diet-Restriction on mRNA Expression in Mice Taste Buds

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