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Jonathan Arias

Florida A& M University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Chris Watkins
Project: "Changes in Antioxidant Content of 1-MCP Treated 'Empire' Apples"

Liselle Bovell

Oglethorpe University
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Martin Wiedmann
Project: "DNA-Sequencing and Multiplex PCR Provide a Good Alternative for Traditional Serotyping of Listeria monocytogenes"

Shannon Coleman 

Alabama A&M University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Boor
Project: "Characterization of Bacterial Species Responsible for Limiting Conventionally Pasteurized Fluid Milk Shelf Lives"

Natasha Deane

South Carolina State University
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Karl Siebert
Project: "The Mechanism of Acid Astringency Perception"

Matthew Ginsberg 

Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Joe Regenstein
Project: "Effect of Melting Point on Sensory Properties of Water Gel Desserts"

Francine Henderson

Alabama A&M University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Bruce Halpern
Project: "Comparison of Retronasal and Trigeminal Reaction Times and Odor Identification"

Lenni Kimawati 

Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Olga Padilla-Zakour
Project: "Effect of Water Activity, Headspace Variation, and Sealing Temperature on Vacuum Pressure of Glass Jars"

Peter Kranz 

University of Bonn, Germany
Major: Food Technology
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Henick-Kling
Project: "Metabolism of hydroxy cinnamic acids by various strains of Brettanomyces bruxellensis"

Anne Kurtz 

Hamilton College
Major: Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Harry Lawless
Project: "Haze Formation in Protein-Metal Complexes"

Megan Lang 

Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Steven Mulvaney Research
Project: "Development of a value-added, natural cranberry jelly"

Victoria Saccoccio 

Boston University
Major: Biology/Nutritional Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Dennis Miller
Project: "Elemental Iron Powder Fortificants are Partially Oxidized During Bread Baking"

Brian Stanek 

Virginia Technical University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Hotchkiss
Project: "Surface Modification of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer to Reduce Biofilm Formation"

Dan Michelle Wang 

Cornell University
Major: Food Science/Horticulture
Faculty Mentor: Rui Hai Liu
Project: "Effects of growing conditions on phenolic and flavonoid contents and antioxidant activities of strawberries"

Shannon Washington 

Alabama A&M University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Terry Acree 
Project: "Identifying A Mal-Odorant In Commercial Icing"

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