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Alvin Chang

University of Washington
Major: Chemistry/Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: John Brady
Project: exploring antimicrobial polypeptides

Michael Chung

Cornell University
Major: Biochemistry/Computer Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Martin Wiedmann
Project: clonal structure of the foodborne pathogen L. monocytogenes

Mary Pat Craver

Cornell University
Major: Biology
Faculty Mentor: Carl Batt
Project: a survey of swine isolates for the presence/absence of resistance integrons

April Hayes

Pennsylvania State University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Harry Lawless
Project: effect of mixtures on calcium salts used in the fortification of beverages to determine if different concentrations of sucrose and/or citric acid will suppress the bitter taste of calcium chloride

Jen Hilfiker

Hartwick College
Major: Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Dick Durst
Project: variety of ionic and nonionic surfactants that are used as biocides in water supplies and cooling towers

James Matthews

Cornell University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Syed Rizvi
Project: characterizing the physical and mechanical properties of several types of expanded commercial products, including popcorn, breakfast cereals, and bread

Joanna Nelson

University of Florida
Major: Food Science/Human Nutrition
Faculty Mentor: Randy Worobo

Gayle Pfaff

University of Minnesota
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Harry Lawless
Project: how sour foods improve swallowing in patients with disphagia

Alina Prokopchuk

Oregon State University
Major: Food Science and Technology
Faculty Mentor: Cy Lee
Project: antioxidant activity of various fruits

Kathy Torenson

University of Washington
Major: Chemistry
Faculty Mentor: Ray Glahn
Project: in vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell culture model, investigating iron bioavailability from foods

Marcia Torres-Mora

Oregon State University
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Joseph Hotchkiss
Project: enhancing pasteurization processes

Sarah Valois

University of Kentucky
Major: Food Science
Faculty Mentor: Olga Padilla-Zakour

Rachel Williams

Cornell University
Major: General Biology
Faculty Mentor: Kathryn Boor
Project: determining the activity of the alternative sigma factor Sigma B in Listeria