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Degree Emphases in Food Science


Undergraduates in Food Science have the opportunity to choose from one of three degree emphases, which assist students in focusing their undergraduate program and matching their coursework to their interests. Whether students choose the Science Emphasis, Business Emphasis, or Safety Emphasis, every student in our program will get a strong foundation in the physical sciences, and a thorough exposure to the various fields in Food Science. To view the list of courses and requirements, please click on the appropriate emphasis below (All links in PDF format).

Courses and Requirements

Example Four-Year Schedules

Please note the linked four-year schedules below are examples only, for a hypothetical first-year student entering without AP/IB credit (All PDF files). Requirements are listed above.

Minoring in Food Science

Any student at Cornell University, pending course and scheduling availability, may minor in Food Science! Please see this document for more information about the Minor in Food Science, the Declaration of Intent to Minor is available here.