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Join us at our Virtual Open House!

Learn more about the undergraduate Food Science major and ask any questions about the program, curriculum, research, and extra curricular opportunities. Chat with Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Chris Loss and Undergraduate Program Coordinator Brynn Wilkins on Wednesday, November 18th at 1pm EDT

Meeting ID: 952 6163 7592; Passcode: 912605

The food science program prepares students for careers in the food industry, government, academia, and for graduate study in food science or related disciplines. Food scientists enjoy satisfying careers that help ensure the sustainable availability of a safe, nutritious, affordable, and high-quality food supply for people throughout New York State, the nation, and the world.

The first two years of the undergraduate food science program are intended to establish a solid background in math, chemistry, and physical and biological sciences. Required courses include chemistry (introductory and organic), biology, microbiology, calculus, physics, introductory food science courses, and nutrition. The last two years emphasize the application of these basic sciences and technology to the manufacturing, sensory evaluation, storage, distribution, and safety of foods and food ingredients.

Students are also strongly encouraged to participate in undergraduate research supervised by a faculty member and/or complete an internship in a food company during their program of study. Most teaching faculty in the department also have active research programs and welcome participation by undergraduate students.

Careers in the food industry are incredibly varied, and our students are heavily recruited by large and small companies in a range of industry sectors. For the last several years, 97-100% of our graduates have found a place in industry or graduate school within 6 months of completing our program.