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Robin Dando

Robin Dando

Associate Professor

247 Stocking Hall
(607) 254-3319

The bulk of my training prior to joining Cornell has been in Physics, Physiology and Neuroscience, thus I hope that I can bring something of a different viewpoint to the Department of Food Science. I work on the basic interactions between our body and the food we consume, and how this shapes our preference. The mammalian taste system consists of many complex events which take a simple receptor activation at the taste bud, to a rich and emotional response such as that elicited by our favorite foods. As yet little is known about the true nature or depth of these interactions. My lab will use state of the art biological techniques to elucidate the nature of some of these processes, and how they can in turn be swayed by factors such as our body’s physiology, an illness, or even by our mood.

Teaching Focus

Robin teaches for the Sensory Evaluation of Foods course FDSC4100, and is designing a course based around the biology of the taste system, to be offered in the near future.