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Richard Durst

Richard Durst


Dr. Durst is currently consulting as an expert witness in pharmaceutical patent litigation cases. He is a Titular Member of the Chemical Research Applied to World Needs (ChemRAWN) Committee of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and is organizing a Conference on Emerging Diagnostic Technologies for Resource-Limited Countries.

Research Focus

Research interests include the application of biological recognition (antibodies, natural receptors and nucleic acid probes) and liposome amplification strategies to the development of novel biosensing devices for extra-laboratory screening of environmental pollutants and food contaminants, including pathogens and toxins. Flow-injection and microfluidic analysis techniques are also used to develop automated total analytical systems and micro-systems. These approaches combine the features of high specificity and sensitivity available with bioanalytical formats in conjunction with liposomal amplification and selective detection methods based on both optical and electrochemical transduction mechanisms.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

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