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Kendra K. Nightingale

Kendra K. Nightingale

Associate Professor

Department of Animal Science, Colorado State University


Ph.D. Food Science and Technology, Cornell University
M.S. Food Science, Kansas State University
B.S. Animal Science, Kansas State University

Current Status

Kendra Nightingale is an associate professor in the Department of Animal & Food Sciences at Texas Tech University.  Kendra's research interests include both pre- and post-harvest food safety.  The specific aims of her research program include (i) gain a more comprehensive understanding of the molecular ecology and transmission dynamics of foodborne pathogens throughout the human food chain (ii) identify risk factors that contribute to loading of the human food chain with foodborne pathogens and the subsequent spread of these pathogens along the food continuum (iii) probe the molecular evolution and population structure of human foodborne and animal pathogens (iv) define the underlying genetic mechanisms responsible for observed differences in virulence phenotypes within a given pathogen species and (v) study the pathogenesis of human foodborne diseases.