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Julie Goddard

Julie Goddard

Associate Professor

364 Stocking Hall
(607) 255-8622

At the intersection of Food Science and Material Science lies opportunities for new technologies in Biomaterials and Biointerfaces. The Goddard Lab researches polymeric materials and coatings to improve food quality and food safety. Her group has synthesized polymers with specific biological functionality (e.g. enzymatic, antimicrobial/nonfouling, chelating) targeting applications in Food Packaging, Bioprocessing Materials, and Equipment Coatings. Specific applications include design of coatings and materials which improve food quality, sustainability, and food safety

Research Focus

Biomaterials and Biointerfaces in Food and Agriculture

Teaching Focus

In 2017 I began my teaching role by creating new lectures and modifying some laboratory exercises around food packaging for the team taught FDSC 4230. I also team taught a journal club for the first time. In addition to my formal teaching responsibility, I gave ad hoc lectures in FDSC6010 ("How to write an article") and FDSC1101 ("Introduction to Food Packaging") and served as a judge for the FDSC1101 ice cream project.

Awards and Honors

  • Most Cited Paper of 2007 (2010) Journal of Food Science