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Emeriti/Retired Faculty

Food Science Emeritit/Retired Faculty

Robert Gravani

Robert Gravani

Professor; Director of the National Good Agricultural Practices Program
Expertise: Food safety; sanitation; GMPs; prerequisite programs and HACCP in all sectors of the food system

Steven Mulvaney

Retired Associate Professor
Expertise: Cereal science and rheology
Research Focus: Current research focuses on the rheology of wheat dough and gluten as it relates to wheat quality
Steven Murphy
Expertise: Dairy product quality & safety; basic dairy microbiology; standard and official dairy laboratory procedures; sensory evaluation of fluid milk and cottage cheese;  HACCP
Expertise: Fishery by-products (specifically fish gelatin; its production; characterization; and use in foods)
Karl Siebert

Karl Siebert

Expertise: food chemistry, food microbiology, and sensory science
Research Focus: haze and foam chemistry and perception; composition-to-property relationships; mathematics and statistics