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Dr. Jonathan Licker

Sr. Manager R&D Snack Seasonings & Flavors, Frito-Lay

Jonathan L. Licker, PhD is Senior Manager of R&D, Snack Seasonings & Flavors at Frito-Lay PepsiCo. He has 13 years of food industry experience in Product Development Innovation in various R&D positions at Frito-Lay. He obtained his BS in Chemistry from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1994, MS in Food Science from Cornell University in 1998, and PhD Food Science from Cornell in 1999. As a TA at Cornell, Jonathan was recognized as a CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistant (1996) and later received the CALS Young Alumni Achievement Award (2009).

Jonathan has had a successful career at Frito-Lay as a food scientist product developer. He is currently the Sr. Manager of the R&D team that develops the flavors and seasonings for the multi-billion dollar mega-brands including Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos and Tostitos. Jonathan is passionate about getting students plugged-into Food Science. Since its inception in 2000, he has organized the PepsiCo-sponsored institute of Food Technologists' Student Association Mixer: an event that provides annual networking opportunity for students and their faculty attending the Annual Meeting to meet and mingle with industry professionals. Since 2005, he has served as an IFT Ambassador visiting middle and high schools talking with students about food science. Jonathan and Susan Connell Licker, MS ’96 (Food Science) both are R&D managers at Frito-Lay global headquarters in Plano, TX and reside in McKinney, TX with their two boys.