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Douglas L. Marshall

Douglas Marshall

Chief Scientific Officer, Eurofins Microbiology Inc.

Dr. Marshall is Chief Scientific Officer for the global life sciences company Eurofins Microbiology Inc. and cofounder and Director of the Louisiana-based company the Food Safety Institute, LLC.

He formerly held academic positions at Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University, and University of Northern Colorado, where he last served as Associate Dean and Professor of Public Health, College of Natural and Health Sciences.

Dr. Marshall received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida and he is a Certified Food Scientist. His career has been focused on improving the microbiological quality and safety of foods. With over 200 publications, his recent efforts include developing methods to rapidly detect and control foodborne pathogens. Funding for his research totaled more than $3.5 million.

His service record is highlighted by four consecutive terms on the editorial board of the Journal of Food Protection and work as Contributing Editor for the international peer-reviewed scientific journal Food Microbiology. He is a frequent consultant to NIH, WHO, FAO, USDA, and other government agencies and private companies in the area of food safety.

Dr. Marshall’s research and expertise has been featured in popular press venues such as Consumer’s Reports, Fine Cooking, USA Today, Fitness, and Health, and his research has been featured in Chemtech, Nature Science Updates, and ASM Journal Highlights. He is a frequently invited speaker for many professional associations and is a prolific book chapter writer. He co-edited the 4 volume landmark book Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering.