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Christopher Gerling

Christopher Gerling

Senior Extension Associate

110 Food Research Lab
(315) 787-2277

Chris Gerling is a Senior Extension Associate at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, NY. He is the manager of the Vinification & Brewing Laboratory and creates educational content for producers of wine, fermented cider and distilled sprits in New York state.

Outreach and Extension Focus

It is my objective to leverage the resources of Cornell University so they might benefit the wine industry of New York State and the Northeastern United States so that wine of the highest possible quality and profitability is produced. To this end, I engage with industry members in formal and informal settings to help understand commercial challenges and design extension materials that best address these needs. I try to serve as a liaison between the research and commercial sectors to help ensure that research is industry-driven wherever possible and that the industry learns of and benefits from research results. I also try to publicize the efforts undertaken by Cornell researchers on behalf of the wine industry in the hope of sustaining and further developing support for the enology program, NYSAES, CALS and the university as a whole.

Presentations and Activities

  • Effect of Late Season Fungicides on Fermentation and Sensory Attributes. Winter Technical Meeting. February 2013. Virginia Vineyards Association. Charlottesville, VA.
  • Effects of Late-Season Fungicide Applications on Fermentation & Wine Flavors. ASEV-Eastern Section Annual Meeting. July 2012. ASEV-Eastern Section. Traverse City, MI.