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Whey and Dairy Co-Products Symposium

August 13-14, 2018, Ithaca, NY

The Department of Food Science at Cornell University and the National Dairy Council are pleased to announce the Whey and Dairy Co-Products Symposium, which will take place at Cornell University between August 13-14, 2018. This symposium will address critical issues related to the generation and utilization of co-products in the dairy industry, including whey and permeate. A particular focus will be placed on acid whey. The symposium will target members of academic and other research institutions, industry, as well as national and regional regulatory agencies. The agenda will include scientific talks, posters, as well as a display of products and ingredients made from whey and other dairy co-products.

Symposium Organizing Committee

Carmen I. Moraru, Professor, Cornell University – Symposium Co-Chair
Rohit Kapoor, Vice President of Product Research, National Dairy Council – Symposium Co-Chair
Samuel Alcaine, Assistant Professor, Cornell University – Member
Janette Robbins, Cornell University – Symposium Coordinator

Symposium Agenda