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Validation of Nonthermal Technologies Symposium

Sunday, October 29 - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This symposium will address critical issues related to the validation of nonthermal processing methods used for controlling pathogens in foods, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements - including the Food Safety Modernization Act. World leading experts from the US and around the world, representatives of US regulatory agencies and the food industry will discuss best practices and challenges related to the validation and adoption of nonthermal technologies for microbial inactivation. The symposium was made possible by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture, and contributions from the Department of Food Science at Cornell University, Cornell Institute for Food Systems Industry Partnership Program, and the NY Association for Food Protection. The symposium has the support of Nonthermal Processing Division of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the Institute of Food Technologists, and the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST).

Topics that will be covered:

  • Overview of non-thermal processing methods for microbial inactivation: High Pressure Processing, Pulsed Electric Field, High Pressure Homogenization, Light based treatments (UV, Pulsed Light), Cold Plasma, Irradiation
  • Mechanisms of inactivation of different types of microorganisms by non-thermal methods
  • Critical issues for the adoption of novel processing methods for microbial inactivation to ensure compliance with FSMA
  • Validation of non-thermal processing methods: regulatory requirements and best practices
  • Round table discussion on validation and regulatory aspects of nonthermal involving academic researchers, industry and regulatory representatives
  • Visit of the Cornell Food Science facilities and demonstration of various nonthermal technologies: High Pressure Processing, Pulsed Electric Field, membrane filtration (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis), supercritical CO2, UV, Pulsed Light, LED light

International Scientific Committee

Dr. Nathan Anderson, US-FDA
Dr. Lilia Ahrné, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, EFFoST President
Dr. Bala Balasubramaniam, The Ohio State University
Dr. Gustavo Barbosa-Canovas, Washington State University
Dr. Roman Buckow, CSIRO, Australia
Dr. Michael Gänzle, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Olga Martin Belloso, University of Lleida, Spain, EFFoST representative
Dr. Carmen I. Moraru, Cornell University
Dr. Olga I. Padilla-Zakour, Cornell University
Dr. Jason Wan, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chair of NPD-IFT
Dr. Randy W. Worobo, Cornell University



Complimentary Reception (Sunday PM): Free
Symposium early registration (Mon & Tue AM): $200*
Optional HPP tour and Glenora Winery dinner (Tue PM): $75
*Symposium registration increases to $300 after September 15


August 15, 2017: CIFS-IPP members complimentary registration
September 15, 2017: Early registration
September 29, 2017: Registration closes at midnight

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