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Job Placements

For the most up-to-date job placement information, connect with our current students and partners via the Cornell University Department of Food Science LinkedIn Group.


To review the thesis or dissertation of our recent graduates, please visit the Cornell eCommons.


Recent Ph.D. Job Placements




Job Title


2016 Adi Md Sikin Rizvi Sr. Lecturer University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
2016 Thomas Aurand March Sr. Expert Innovation Global Sourcing Mitr Phol Group
2015 Ran Yin Liu Postdoctoral Researcher Cornell University
2015 Silin Tang Wiedmann Global Biology Research Technologist MARS
2015 Jinzhou Li Liu General Manager QIMEI USA, Inc.
2015 Michael Corey Adams Barbano R&D Scientist Frito Lay
2015 Matthew Stasiewicz Wiedmann Assistant Professor of Applied Food Safety University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2015 Jihun Kang Wiedmann Post doctorate Food and Drug Administration
2015 Patricia Ann Howe Sacks Sr. Director of Quality Constellation Brands
2015 Dongjun Zhao Moraru Sr. Scientist Kraft Heinz Company
2015 Michael Emil Wagner Rizvi Food Science Engineer BI Nutraceuticals
2015 Emily Hurt Barbano Senior Product Developer Hilmar Cheese

Recent M.S. Job Placements

Year Student Advisor Title  Employer
2016 Clint Hervert Wiedmann Sr. Analyst Kraft Heinz Company
2016 Larissa DiMarzo Barbano PhD Candidate Cornell University
2016 Claire Burtch Mansfield R&D Associate Scientist PepsiCo
2016 Elizabeth Buerman Padilla-Zakour PhD Candidate Cornell University
2016 Camila Martins-Tahim Mansfield Winemaker Wicked Water
2015 Alex Fredrickson Mansfield Winemaker Wicked Water
2015 Lee Cadesky Moraru Co-Founder One Hop Kitchen
2015 Samriddh Mudgal Rizvi Food Engineer, Global R&D JBT Corporation
2015 Susanna Rose Kahn Mulvaney Food Scientist New Hope Mills

Recent M.P.S. Placements


Student Name




2016 Jennifer Welchel Wiedmann R&D Scientist Chobani
2016 Jiani Shen Regenstein Co-Founder Little Spoonful   
2016 Geraldine Prevost Acree Engineering Project Manager Proctor & Gamble
2016 Jer lin Poh Moraru Regulatory Affairs Manager Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore
2016 Priya Gokhale Mukai Junior Food Scientist Chew, LLC
2016 Jamie French Wiedmann Application Specialist GNT Group
2016 Meaghan Frank Mansfield General Manager Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery
2016 Elga Dias Dando Quality Assurance Manager ACME Smoked Fish Corp
2016 Daniela Depke Batt QA Supervisor WhiteWave Foods
2016 Elfi Anggreani Lee Food Scientist Swallow Solutions, LLC