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Dairy Product Sensory Milk Quality Improvement Program

Dairy Product Sensory Analysis is a vital component of the Milk Quality Improvement Program (MQIP). Under the MQIP's Voluntary Shelf Life (VSL) Program, retail milk samples from participating dairy plants are tested over shelf-life, and results of flavor, odor, and appearance are reported. In addition, defective milk sample sets are available for training employees and have been used to fulfillment of SQF sensory requirements; MQIP personnel are available for on-site training, if requested. Sensory training sessions are routinely offered as stand-alone programs/workshops or as an integral component of other Dairy Foods Extension workshops, such as Cultured Dairy Products and Basic Cheese-making.

For more information contact:

Nancy Carey
Department of Food Science
Stocking Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: 607.254.7079

Steven C. Murphy
Phone: 607.255.2893