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Dairy & Milk Products

Dairy Foods

Our dairy foods extension program focuses on supporting the production of safe and high quality dairy products with specific expertise in microbial spoilage and food safety issues. Our program offers an extensive set of workshops that lead towards certificates in fluid milk production, cheese production, and production of cultured and fermented dairy products.

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Chemistry and Processing of Milk

As part of the dairy foods extension program, specific technical expertise is provided in areas of chemistry and processing, including: cheese and whey manufacturing technology and chemistry; milk filtration for milk protein concentration and separation; use of carbon dioxide in milk processing and dairy product manufacturing; and milk component payment testing by reference and indirect mid-infrared analytical methods, calibration samples, and laboratory proficiency testing.

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Milk Quality Improvement

The Milk Quality Improvement Program is a program funded by the New York State Dairy Promotion Board, dairy farmers dedicated to the production, manufacture and distribution of quality dairy products.  The objectives of this program are to assist New York State dairy plants in improving the quality of dairy products and to monitor and make recommendations to improve the quality of raw milk produced in NYS. This site provides an overview of the mission, goals, history and activities of the Milk Quality Improvement Program.

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