Stocking Hall Space Reservation

Funded by the State University of New York Construction Fund for Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the new Stocking Hall facility features modern classrooms and teaching laboratories, state-of-the-art research laboratories, a glass-fronted dairy plant, a teaching winery and “wine library,” a center for study of the sensory properties of foods, and a conference center. From an observational balcony above the Dairy Plant, visitors have a bird’s-eye view of milk from the Cornell dairy farm as it is transformed into ice cream, pasteurized milk, pudding and yogurt for sale to the Cornell community. This policy applies to the use of meeting rooms and public spaces.

Although research laboratories and offices constitute the majority of space in Stocking Hall, there are a variety of areas, including a conference center, tiered lecture hall, several conference rooms and classrooms. Also available are the and the Gallery and Commons public space on the main floor fronting Tower Road. Primary use of the facility will generally be by Department of Food Science and the Graduate Field of Food Science and Technology. However, these spaces will also be made available to other entities including other Cornell departments or units and external affiliated groups, subject to four conditions:

  • Use of those facilities will not disturb or otherwise inhibit Department of Food Science activities
  • The entity follows all appropriate University policies as well as those contained in this document
  • The entity using the spaces will take proper care of the facilities and take full responsibility for any damages that may occur; and
  • The entity agrees to the space use fees described in this policy, which are intended to recover costs associated with maintenance and replacement of furniture, fixtures and equipment within these spaces.

The Department of Food Science management reserves the right to refuse reservations it believes are not in keeping with the facility’s mission or could jeopardize its security.

Rooms are available for reservation on a first-come, first-serve basis and may not be reserved more than one year in advance for the public spaces or one semester in advance for the Conference Center and Pepsico Auditorium (University classroom schedules must be set before reservations may be made).  

Hours/Days Available/General Conditions

The Department of Food Science is dedicated to research, extension and education in the multidisciplinary area of Food Science.  As such, the building is used by researchers and students 24 hours a day, all year long.  Some areas may be sectioned off for specific use, but the building is continually occupied and active.  If you are considering using the Stocking Hall public areas for an event, you should be prepared to be a co-user along with students, faculty, and researchers. Pedestrian through-traffic as well as daily student and campus business may limit plans to use this area for an exclusive purpose. In addition, there is a working cafĂ©, the Dairy Bar, in operation off of the Commons area 5 to 7 days per week depending on the time of year.  This facility is operated by Cornell Dining.