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Cornell Food Venture Center Pilot Plant

CFVC Pilot PlantPilot Plant Facilities

A 10,000 square foot facility on the Geneva, NY campus devoted to the preservation and processing of fruits and vegetables. Includes an extensive equipment inventory and full utilities.

Small Scale Unit Operations

Numerous pieces of equipment ranging from a ceramic ultrafiltration unit to an FPS pouch system are available in the pilot plant. Complete processing lines include continuous applesauce processing, apple/grape/tomato juice processing, and green bean canning.

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Unit Operations

High Pressure Cookers

  • Vertical still retorts with over pressure
  • FMC steritors
  • FMC Pouch Cookers

Low Pressure Cookers

  • Applesauce line
  • Heat exchanger
  • Steam Injection System
  • Exhaust tunnel


  • Cabinet hot air dryers
  • Freeze dryers

Juice Extractors

  • Rack and frame presses
  • Belt press
  • Large bladder press
  • Hydrolic press
  • Willmes bladder press
  • Continuous screw press

Juice Pasteurizer

  • Pasteurizer


  • Plate & frame filters
  • Drum filter
  • Ultra filter


  • Blast Freezer


  • Steam belt & cooling
  • Vacuum blanch chamber


  • Bottle Filler
  • Vacuum packaging

Additional Facilities

  • Raw Products Building
  • Cold Rooms